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International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Thermal Systems (ICAMSTS)
Important Dates
  1. Abstract Deadline : 20 May 2021
  2. Abstract Deadline : 20 May 2021
  3. Abstract Deadline : 20 May 2021
  4. Abstract Deadline : 20 May 2021



In the present era, most of the industries are inclined towards the utilization of manufacturing systems are integrated with the computers technology to make them smart. This advanced technology implementation to the manufacturing system not only increases the productivity but also enhances the product quality. Apart from this, Thermal systems play a vital role in the design, development, operation and maintenance of most of manufacturing industries. Hence, it is very essential to operate both the manufacturing systems and thermal systems optimally by the industries to achieve higher productivity.

The theme ICAMSTS-21 discusses the current issues that are facing in industries and also recent advancements in the field of manufacturing and thermal engineering domains. This conference introduces a common forum for academicians, scientists and industrialists to discuss varieties of solutions for the limitations in the area of Manufacturing and Thermal Sciences.


The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the risk assessment of spread and effect of COVID-19 to be very large at global level and to be defined as Global Pandemic. As your protection is our highest priority and concern, we are sorry to inform you that we have to cancel our face-to-face conference and replace it with pre-recorded video presentation. This will help participants to present their paper without attending the conference physically.


In consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic and certain travel limitations, in particular for international delegates, now you can present your paper from the comfort of your home. Just send us your 10-15 minutes pre-recorded video presentation and slides. The video will be posted in our YouTube channel on the conference day. It saves time, money and more importantly, we stay safe. It's the New Norm!


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  • Best Presenter Award (From each track)
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